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The Foss Rowers program can happen only if you help. Annual dues are $20 or $35 for a family membership. Funds are used to develop access to Commencement Bay and to promote increased participation in rowing near Tacoma. In return, members are kept informed by email of new developments, invited to our social events, and encouraged to borrow boats offered by club members.

Mail your dues along with your name and contact information (i.e. address for mail and email plus phone number) to:
Foss Rowers
5316 N 45th ST
Tacoma, WA 98407

If you just want to try rowing, please give us a call (360-357-6588) or drop us a line ( We'd love to give you an intro at no obligation. After all, we love this sport and are VERY eager to share it.
Interested in rowing in a single boat or team boat? Either is an option.
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